Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Wine Tasting

April 25-26 was our second time around in Valtice, a famous wine region in the Czech Republic. Of course this time around wasn't as much fun for me since I couldn't participate in the wine tasting. But it was a great weekend trip and a fun crowd to hang around. One of Daša's friends is a photographer and he let us have copies of his pictures too. So I have some regular group photos, then some neat artistic photos of the area which will be next. I am WAY behind again on posting so stuff from earlier in April, will have to come later. Sorry, I am lazy.

Martin is trying on his protective gear. He had an allergic reaction and broke out in hives on his legs before the trip and everyone wanted to make sure he was well protected.

Franta busting out the accordion a little early. Where are the dancers?

A toast to start off the evening! The preggo girl will just take the pictures, oh joy.

Deep conversation, well, not really.

Lunch time!

Ah, it's so hard to talk when one person is sober, the other isn't, and oh yeah, he doesn't speak English either.

Yummy, grilled pork knee. One of our favorite dishes here.

The evening begins, back in the Dvoraček wine cellar, for some wine tasting. Once again, I'll just watch.

Brian and I didn't make it late night. One, it's not so much fun if you can't drink, and two, Brian wasn't feeling very well.

Martin's wine glass holder.

Fedor, up to his ears in wine, heading home.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Green Monster

I was noticing that a new maternity tank top I got looked like the same color as some lounge pants I got last year. So, why not try them on together and then post it for the world to see? Here you go....6 1/2 months pregnant...ho, ho, ho, Green Giant!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

President Obama in Prague

I wanted to first apologize for my last few postings. Apparently I do have pregnancy brain and forgot temporarily that I could keep adding pictures to the same post and instead made about 6 posts with 4-5 pictures each because I am a moron. Oh well, last month I wore Brian's shoes to the gym and almost tried to eat a bar of soap. I think this month is fairing better so far.

This month started off great because the sun decided to come out in Prague along with Brian's family coming to visit and President Obama stopping by the castle. I decided to try and go see him speak at Prague Castle on Sunday, April 5 with my friend Claire. We were pretty sure it would be impossible since there were only 20,000-30,000 people allowed and her friends were showing up at 4:30am to wait in line. The gates opened at 7am and his speech started at 10am. Claire and I decided we would meet up at 8am and hope for the best.

Well, the best happened for sure. Claire noticed some volunteers giving out tickets to stand in the front of the regular crowd and thought we should ask if they do anything extra for expectant mothers. I laughed and thought no way, but turns out she was right. We got escorted to the front of security and got to go to the special 'ticket only' section up front. Claire then noticed a special seated section for disabled people and women with small children. Turns out expectant mothers also got to sit in that section, a little behind the VIP crowd. So not only did we get to see President Obama speak, we got to sit down, have free water, and our own port-o-potty. It was an awesome morning! Definitely a highlight of my stay in Prague so far.

Everyone scared me into thinking I would get my camera taken by security so all I had was my camera phone. But trust me that is President Obama up there speaking.

We were amazed at how many snipers were everywhere. It's a little scary since the area was so confined and it felt like we were surrounded.

Claire and I waving our flags for the speech - while seated I may add.

President Obama leaving with Michelle Obama. They are walking down the stairs from the platform, Michelle Obama can be seen as the one with a white blur on her. To think, I only had to go to Prague to see the President and First Lady of the USA.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bye Bye Salzburg

Ok, the final installment of our trip back from the end of February. I figured now that it was April, I really needed to finish these postings. I am the lazy blogger.

Salzburg had these little side streets filled with restaurants and shops. It reminded me of Venice a little.

Brian in deep thought while looking over Salzburg.

Me, not in deep thought, posing gracefully for the camera.

We took a train to Munich and spent the night before flying back to Prague. It's funny how in Europe a one hour flight takes you to a different country. A nice little sunset view out of our window.

Continuing through Salzburg

A view of Old Town by the River Salzach.

The Salzburg Cathedral's ceiling. Originally first built in 767, it was rebuilt two more times, with the current Cathedral finished in 1598 after a fire destroyed that last one.

Always nice to see a modern scupture intertwined in the historical sights. Never found out the exact info on it, but we liked the "Big Gold Ball with a Little Man on Top".

Mozart's Birthplace: no.9 Getreidegasse

Salzburg, Austria

We went to Salzburg for the day after leaving Zell Am See. It was a really beautiful town and I didn't really know much about it other than Mozart and The Sound of Music are associated with it. Well, that just goes to show you why traveling to historic European towns is a good history lesson for me.

An overall view of Salzburg from the Salzburg fortress. Man, if only the sun could have been out on our trip!

Our first stop was through the Mirabell Gardens at the Mirabell Palace. In the winter nothing is in bloom, but we could still check out the statues and fountains. Here is the Pegasus Fountain made by Kaspar Glas in 1661.

Here are some neat twig branches in the garden. Really, everything else was covered in snow.

The Holy Trinity Church by architect Fischer von Erlach built from 1694-1703. Of course more modern times make it hard to get a good picture with all of the cables running in front of it.

The Hohensalzburg Fortress. The largest and best preserved fortress in Europe (started building in 1077). Sorry, I keep adding historical names and dates so I can remember and not just say "oh yeah, another really old church or castle".

Zell Am See Part III

A few more pics to close up our skiing vacation in Austria.

The view of Zell Am See from our bed and breakfast. Ah, if only the sun were out and we could actually see all the mountains surrounding us. Goodbye Alps!

Brian testing out the frozen lake to make sure it is ok. Sign said to walk at your own risk.

Guess I can walk across the lake, I mean if I were going to go drowning in a lake would be on my top five (cause I just love being cold and drowning).

What is a nice traditional drink here in Zell Am See? Apparently Jaga Tea. I have to say Jagermeister is a reoccuring theme in many drinks here. Guess everyone really likes the taste of it.