Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Another Mother's Day and it still feels weird that I am a mom. I do, however, enjoy the benefits of Mother's Day. Homemade brunch, massage, time by myself to go shopping. Oh yeah, I did spend some time with the kiddo too.

Crab cakes with hollandaise, seared scallions, poached eggs and toast
(someone please tell me the secret to proper lighting for food pictures)

Riley and I enjoying the fruits of Daddy's labor

Some park time with Janna and Teddy.
The boys had fun, but not willing to show us

Trying to look nice, before heading our for a dinner barbeque

Easter in West Virginia

Rob and Janna let us tag along on Easter to Janna's family get-together in West Virginia. We had just moved into town the weekend before so it was nice to have somewhere to go. What does a little country mean on Easter?

If you smile, you will get a present.

Ok, not too bad

Riley's first Easter basket/bucket

Tractors (Teddy steering)

Flowers on the hill

4-wheeling of course!

And Easter egg hunt, Riley made out with $8.60!

Last Hike in Colorado

We went on a hike with Annabelle, Brian, Sophie and Sarah for our last outing in Colorado in April. Apparently with 2 cameras we didn't manage any pictures of the group together or any evidence we were with anyone. The really awesome pictures below (3 out of the 6, you'll know which ones) will be our proof. There is no way that Brian or I have a camera nice enough to take them. Thanks Annabelle for the pictures. We went to El Dorado Canyon, I don't know why we never went there before since it's only 15 mins from our place. Oh well, too many things to do in Denver when you're dead.

Daddy and mini-me time

Contemplating just throwing him into the water

At the beginning of the hike, doing good

No more baby, all toddler

The most awesome pose ever

Hike a baby to sleep

Wait, I found one!
Sophie and Riley