Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prague Castle with the Family

We went to visit the Prague Castle (began building in 870 AD), but unfortunately there was some reconstruction and we weren't able to see all of it. We did go to St. Vitus Cathedral which is on the castle grounds and is a great Gothic building. Of course I didn't take any pictures of the outside, sorry. The first two pictures below are of from the interior of the cathedral.

When we were in Prague in 2002 this was one of my favorite sculptures. I don't have any information on it, but I think it is really interesting. Brian's dad, Lester, seemed to like it too.

A view of Prague from the castle grounds. If only I had a nice SLR to really do this picture justice.

There is a John Lennon memorial wall near the castle, across from the French Embassy. People are allowed to decorate any part of it, but they leave the Lennon portrait and peace symbol as is.

John Lennon portrait

Imagine peace symbol

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prague Zoo

Brian's parents, sister, and niece came to visit us in the middle of April . The weather was great while they were here and we decided to go to the Prague zoo. Of course we weren't the only ones who decided to go to the zoo on the first nice day of spring. The buses were crammed and I got stuck between two men's armpits for WAY too long. Oh the joy. Thankfully, once we got to the zoo it wasn't as crowded as the buses.

Brian and his mom checking things out.

We all took the swings to the upper half of the zoo. Shaelyn, followed by her mom Jaci, and the rest of the clan is hidden.

Nothing is as awesome as seeing a camel shed his coat starting from his rear end and his folded front hump.

The rams and the monkeys get along so they get to hang out together. The monkey almost blends in, but he is up front on the right.

Prague has to be the most animal friendly place I have been to. Dogs are allowed in the zoo and it is really nice because it helps to bring the animals closer. Here the wild cat wanted a closer look at the dog so we all got to see them checking each other out with only a plastic window separating them.

Friday, May 29, 2009

More Pictures of Valtice

Once again I am WAY behind on posting. This weekend is dedicated to updating this blog since Brian is away at a bachelor party in Amsterdam (lucky, lucky). I am going to hit up the Prague Food Festival tomorrow, but definitely catch up on this blog the rest of the weekend. Here are the professional photos that a friend took while we were in Valtice back in April.

I like to call this 17th century meets 21st century.

I was told these are mistletoe bundles in the trees.

The other women on the trip went to Valtice last fall and picked the grapes for the Sauvignon Blanc that the winery is producing right now. It will be ready later this year, but here is their very own label!

Ok, not professional, but bye to the women that were nice enough to take me to Valtice twice and on their skiing trip!! Always a good time.