Monday, January 3, 2011

Riley and Ba Ba get a haircut together

While we were home for Thanksgiving my Dad took Riley with him to get their haircut at his barbershop. My dad has gone to Lee for as long as I can remember, so this was cute to see him cut 2 generations of Caviness'. Riley behaved VERY well during the haircut and we finally figure out why. We have started using our cat spray bottle at home to prevent Riley from getting into things. You know, just a 'gentle' squirt, when 'No' isn't working. Lee has a similar water bottle, so maybe the constant spraying of his face kept him still :)

Kiddo Playdate

A lot of my friends back home have kiddos, so we thought we would try a playdate over at Emily's mom's house. There were babies and toddlers everywhere and no meltdowns! Of course we made poor Sara come over at 9am even though she has no kid alarm clock like the rest of us.

Discovering a rocking chair

The twin troublemakers with their matching Razorback hoodies. Well, they were both looking in the same place at least.

Presley and Sophie hanging out.

Every kids favorite activity - getting in the toy box.

Group Shot

Thanksgiving in Little Rock

My official last day at work was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. So I extended our vacation home and stayed for a week. You would think I had more pictures to prove this, but it did not happen. Also, with all this new 'free' time since I am not working, I thought I would update the blog more....again, it did not happen. I must be the most inefficient stay at home mom (or I have a typical boy who is constantly getting into EVERYTHING and doesn't like to nap). Hopefully my job search will be more successful now that the holidays are over and I can go back to work! Here are the few pics I got.

Aunt Laura helping Riley grab a balloon at Grandpa's (Ba Ba) house.


My Aunt Cheryl and my cousin, Christine, came to visit! Can you tell they are the short ones in the family :) ?