Monday, February 9, 2009

The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Brian and I went last week to see the Australian Pink Floyd Show perform 'The Wall'. It was our first concert of the year and a very good show. They have been touring since the 80's and have pretty much nailed the sound of Pink Floyd. About as close to the real thing as we can get. Here are some awesome crappy cell phone pics of the concert.

Now, Madonna is coming to Prague in August. If I could just convince Brian to go see that.....ha ha

It's a Boy!

We are having a baby boy in July. Brian and I decided to make it public since Dee Dee and Stacy keep asking for some pregnancy pics. Turns out he will be nice enough to wait until after my birthday and try to sabotage another family member's birthday (grandma's). Shaelyn will finally have a little cousin to beat up on and my brother's new baby boy, Melvin (born in Nov. 08), will have a playmate to grow up around.

Bets can be placed now on what this kid will look like. My dad has blue eyes and brown hair, and was blond as a kid. Brian, the same as my dad, with lighter hair. Me? Well, darker all around. So what do you think?

Here is a pic with me after a nice lasagna dinner so everyone can see a big 'ole belly on me. I am 4 months pregnant right now and my belly has just started to grow these past couple of weeks. See these pants? Staple every evening. Nothing like elastic to be comfortable during this time.

Who's excited you ask? This guy!

Who's not so excited? These guys.