Saturday, December 19, 2009

A little vacay in Little Rock to see some old friends and get ready for Thanksgiving. First, Laura threw Riley and me a baby shower. Then we hit up Seth's birthday party, and had some Thanksgiving fun. We were able to have a nice size Thanksgiving because Brian's parents came to spend the holiday with us and then help us move out to Boulder, CO.

Thank you Target for carrying some sweet baby urban clothes. It's hard to see but Riley is trying to show you his t-shirt labeling him as a Pink Floyd fan just like his Daddy. His cousin Melvin donated a sweet hat and some baby Vans to make his outfit complete. While he didn't act too happy during the shower we sure appreciated seeing everyone and all the awesome gifts.

Then we headed out to celebrate Seth's 30th Birthday that same night. Riley really appreciated the mustache theme that Gazell thought of. He looks like a baby Daniel Day Lewis during Gangs of New York. Turns out Riley might be a night party person since he behaved much better at this party.

Hanging out with Grandma on Thanksgiving and sporting his fall themed outfit and bib.

Whew! All that partying and Thanksgiving holiday activities really tired out Riley and Aunt Laura. Now, onto Colorado!
We continued our road trip before Thanksgiving from Jacksonville to Mississippi. We have some friends that live in the state and offered us some breaks so we didn't have to make the torturous 15 hour drive in one day. We spent the night in Hattiesburg where Dee Dee and Franz just moved this fall. Then the next day we headed to Little Rock, stopping to have lunch with Rachel and Benji before leaving the great MS. Then, FINALLY, onto Little Rock for a couple weeks before heading to Boulder,CO.

A little cozy time with Dee Dee. The bug eye look is only because we kept flashing the camera in his face when he is trying to hang out with Dee Dee.

Checking out Franz and wondering when he can play video games with the big kids.

Thanking Rachel for his books that Benji and her gave him. 2 classics: Where the Wild Things Are and The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Like Rachel said, it looks like they are scheming something.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend in Florida

After getting to stay with Grandma and then seeing family in North Carolina it was time to start the road trip to Little Rock to see my family for Thanksgiving. First we stopped to see Brian's Aunt, Uncle and cousins.

We thought it would be a great idea to have a break in Savannah, GA. While Riley looks really happy here, he screamed for the last 2 hours of the road trip to Jacksonville. Oh joy!

Brian's cousin, Ricky, and his wife Audrey getting some practice with Riley. They are expecting their first little boy in the spring.

Brian and Riley's titanic moment

They even got some dolphins to ride by them for a complete Titanic experience.

Thanks Aunt Eileen for a great time in Florida (despite the tick fiasco) :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meeting the Great-Grandparents

After getting to hang out at grandma's house for awhile we took Riley on a major road trip from Raleigh to the east side of NC, to TN, then to Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas and finally to Colorado. Our first stop was to meet the Great-Grandparents in Hendersonville, NC and Kingston, TN. We were a little worried with him hating the car seat and all, but turns out highway time is WAY different than city driving. Put that kid right to sleep. So here are some pics on the beginnings of our road trip.

Dancing with Great-Grandpa Stepp

Striking a pose with Great-Grandma Stepp

Trying to get Great-Grandpa Hoots to keeps his eyes open

and finally with Great-Grandma Hoots

We had a great time even though it was a really fast trip and glad that Riley got to meet everyone including seeing some Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.