Monday, October 12, 2009

Back in the States

Riley and I have made it back home and are staying with Brian's parents until he comes back at the end of this month. Riley did amazing on the trip home. All my worry for nothing. We even got delayed and it ended up being 22 hours of travel time and he was a trooper. I didn't get to sleep, but hey, a well-behaved baby is worth it! He even seems to have adjusted to the time difference without any problems. I like to think he gets that from me. I usually don't get jet lag, thankfully. Grandma did convince me to take Riley with his cousin, Shaelyn, to get some pictures taken. 2 months old and this kid already got some professional pictures, unbelievable. Shaelyn did great, Riley put up with it for about 20 minutes and that was that. Here are the proofs, and the last picture sums up the end of the photo shoot. Apparently I am the only one who loves that pic.

Nice close up with the best baby hat

Great picture of our niece, Shaelyn

Shaelyn and Riley
A little tongue and a bent ear

Preppy is cute on little babies

Little newsboy all upset, and mom's favorite picture