Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Riley Scooting Around and Frozen Dead Guy Days

Riley decided to get a little mobile tonight. How do you get your baby to scoot on the floor? Entice him with an electrical cord like every good parent would. Well, I tried toys, but of course they are of no interest. Here's a short video (now that we have a computer to download our video to). Expect to see a lot more video now that I am getting around to seeing the past 7 months of video we have taken.

This past weekend was the annual Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland. Yes, that's the celebration of a frozen dead guy that the family has cryogenically frozen so they can bring him back to life (Oh man, good luck with that!). We wanted to go see the dead guy, but they were charging $25 - ha ha. We went up for our first Colorado festival with our friend Krista. We got to see the Hearse Parade, coffin races, the largest rice krispy treats ever and of course Rocky Mountain Oysters. Here is a video of ALL of us trying it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Melvin and Riley FINALLY meet!

James, Kristy and Melvin (brother and fam) came to visit a couple weeks ago. It was so great to get to see James and Kristy since I haven't seen them since before we went to Prague. And of course, the best part, we FINALLY got to meet Melvin in person. I have been fortunate to video chat with him, but not to squeeze and spoil him like a proper Aunt should! What a cutie and he knows sign language! I would tickle him and he would sign for "more", I about died! He could sign "please" and "thank you" and way more that I can't remember. Brian and James got to go skiing on Saturday, while Kristy and I caught up and played "let's take turns putting a kid down for a nap". Melvin and Riley got to take swimming lessons together and we all went out for Brian's birthday. I think me turning 30 this year won't be so bad since Brian is 32 and now a well-established 30-something man.

I was hoping Melvin would help Riley figure out the whole crawling thing, but it was a dud. Actually, after seeing a 15 month-old boy, I think I would like Riley to stay immobile for A LOT longer. Man, those toddlers can move and grab! Poor Elliot and Oliver had to eat while Melvin was sleeping because he loved to try and 'help' with their bowls. We are also really looking forward to the cousins being best friends since they are only 9 months apart!

James and Melvin hanging out celebrating Brian's BIG 32

Brian's best pose for the camera

Aunt Kristy giving Riley some lovin' and Riley giving his signature weirdo pose

The women minority, now the boys have the edge