Friday, August 21, 2009

3 weeks and still going strong

At some point I need to post pics from our Rome trip and Brian's trip to Amsterdam (pre-Riley), but that will take some time. For now I will post some new pics of Riley until I can sit down and sort through old pictures. We are in the final months here in Prague and can't wait to come home to the US!

I borrowed some things from a friend at work, and this was an old school swaddling blanket. Pretty much looks like a straight-jacket for babies with some lace at the top. Riley was not impressed.

One night after feeding Riley I put him on the bed and went to the bathroom. I come out to find Brian and Riley asleep in the exact same position: like father, like son.

Brian thought the orange jumpsuit looked like a prison outfit for Riley. Our newest show? We just finished season 1 of Prison Break.

A little tummy time, and viola! Head and feet up, rocking out on his belly for about 5 seconds.

Riley checking out Elliot. On a side note, Oliver just went home with my dad and sister today. I am going to miss that crazy cat!

We had to take Riley to the US Embassy this week to get his birth certificate, SS card, and his first passport. We tried to take some passport photos at home, but we couldn't get those hands down. 3 week old babies are not very compliant to the passport photo instructions. The funny thing is his passport will be valid for 5 years with a picture of him from 3 weeks old.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Riley Keith Stepp finally arrives

Well, finally after being 10 days late, I went in to be induced and Riley Keith Stepp was born. He was born on Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 3pm. He weighed in at 9lbs 1 oz, and was 21 inches long. So much for me having a 7 1/2 lb baby! Here are some pics before and after the big event.

Our last night out with Brian's mom and her friend Fran. We were lucky and they flew all the way over to help out! Even took us to dinner the night before!

Riley's first day

Group photo of the new Stepp brood

Historical birthplace: Apolinar Hospital in Prague, built in 1784. Really beautiful, but also ancient inside (no A/C! luckily it wasn't that hot here)

Uh, oh. Why don't you like the Razorback pacifier?