Monday, January 11, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park

My Dad and Sister, Laura, came to visit for Christmas. We went one day to the Rocky Mountain National Park and tried to do a driving tour. Turns out a major portion of the park is closed from October to June due to dangerous driving conditions. Well, we still got to see some pretty amazing mountains at about a 2 mile elevation. It's only about an hour drive, and once we got to Estes Park there were Elk on the side of the road. We were wondering why people were just pulled over on the side of the road or stopped in the middle of the road at some places.

When do you notice that you are 2 miles above sea level? When you try to climb up some rocks to get a great shot with the mountains in the distance.

We end with a "My 2 Dads" shot. Riley decided to start up the screaming while in the car seat again while my Dad and Sister were in town. After the hour long ride in the back seat to and from the park Laura and I needed a break and switched places with Dad and Brian after dinner. Isn't it cute seeing the men in the back seat with the baby for a change? :)

Christmas Card Outtakes

I had this great idea for a Christmas card (I know, I know, this is kinda a late post) and got lucky that it worked out as funny as I thought it would. I was worried I would have to make the reindeer costumes but I got lucky and found them at Target, exactly 2 left. The final card was done at Sam's and they don't let you save the image, but we did one for ourselves at the end with the same picture. The cats were great sports for letting us torture them and didn't get too upset with Riley yanking on their reigns. Ho, Ho, Ho, here are some outtakes from our camera: