Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We made it to Pittsburgh last week. Even got to stop by Sara and Jason's house in Kansas City. I definitely have toy envy. Grandma took Riley to Raleigh and was nice enough to bring him to Pittsburgh. Free child pick-up and delivery....priceless. I don't believe I am about to say this, but the 3-day, 24-hour drive wasn't that bad. Yes, I am officially crazy and somehow the Stepp family has turned me into a road warrior? Nah, but I survived it. Thanks to all who called and let me chat with you during the cross-country trip. It's cloudy and rainy here, officially back in the midwest or near-east?

So, officially, this is Riley's 4th place to live before he is 2. Not counting the month we lived with grandparents. Hopefully, we will get him a permanent home soon. Poor kid, his parents are apparently gypsies after living in Prague.