Sunday, August 15, 2010

1st haircut

Riley was overdue for his 1st haircut, but I was stalling because I didn't want to cut my baby's hair off. All that hair was me clinging onto him still being a baby, but we have ventured into toddlerhood. So I relented and let Brian use his clippers and buzz away. Riley was very good throughout seeing that this weekend was chock full of cutting molars, skipping naps and meltdowns in numerous public places.



Now, do we look even more like daddy or???

Riley turns 1

Riley had his big 1st birthday on July 30, and we had a party the next day. We had been on a family vacation (pictures someday) with Grandma and cousin Shaelyn exploring the mountains of Colorado. We came back to prepare for the big 1 for Mr. Riles. We were very lucky and had a bunch of family come in town and some neighbors come celebrate with us. I found a cooking blog where the lady did a Dr. Seuss theme for her son's birthday. She was very creative and I decided to take some ideas, but by no means could recreate her awesomeness. I did keep the Thing 1 and Thing 2 theme by using red and blue with some green eggs and ham too. Rhyming also helps.

Riley posing with all of his gifts.

His birthday cake was from another blog and was a 2-layer yellow cake with chocolate icing covered in M&Ms and surrounded by Kit Kats. Cake from scratch, icing courtesy of Duncan Hines.

Green eggs and ham: Ham and cheese melts, green deviled eggs and a fruit salad for balance.

Riley trying out his new wheely bug from Aunt Laura and Grandpa Keith. Anyone have grandpa nickname suggestions??

Opening up gifts and the one shot where he was actually paying attention

Turns out Riley didn't want to make a mess in front of everyone, so I missed that classic messy face shot at the 1st birthday. He just wanted to eat his M&Ms one by one off the cake.

Some silly string fun

Brian's cousin Serena and her son Jacob came to party

Our neighbors brought Riley's girlfriend for the party. Cousin Shaelyn and Brian's cousin Amy in the middle.

3 generations of Stepps