Monday, June 14, 2010

First Mother's Day

For my first Mother's Day, Grandma came into town to visit and help out. Now some people might not be so excited for your mother-in-law to come visit, but I am completely the opposite. I have hands-down the greatest mother-in-law. She even slept in Riley's room and got up each day with him so we could remember what it was like to sleep past 6:30am! It was a sad day, because I only lasted until 9:30, seriously? I used to sleep until 11 on the weekends. Oh long gone are those days. We went down to Colorado Springs to visit Cousin Serena (yep, Brian has 10 1st cousins), Bobby and their son, Jacob. We got to go check out the Cave of the Winds and some pretty awesome mountain views. Funny, none of our cave pics really turned out, bad lighting maybe?

Riley and Grandma outside of the caves

Riley and Jacob playing human sandwich

"The Thing" by King Chef's Diner as seen on Food Network: 2 texas toasts, 2 eggs, 2 potatoes, sausage, cheese and green chili. Brian made the clean plate club and so did I (but I had the 1/4 thing)

View from the Cave of the Winds

The weekend was finished with a night at The Melting Pot. A personal favorite of mine but I mistakenly let Grandma give Riley a whole apple dumpling (whose sauce had Mountain Dew in it) and he ended the night with his very first sugar crash.

Headed back to the South

We made a quick trip to Hendersonville, NC back in April to see family. Unfortunately, it was due to a funeral, Brian's 2nd cousin, Phil, passed away. Despite the circumstance of the trip, it was nice to see family. Brian has such a huge extended family that after 10 years together I am STILL meeting new family! Lucky for Riley he has 2 full sets of great-grandparents on Brian's side and we got to show them how much Riley has grown since November. And all of Esther's sisters were there too! It is so great to be a part of such a huge family, maybe they will adopt our small little Caviness clan :)

Riley and Cousin (princess) Cristi hanging out for the first time (4th cousin?)

Riley the flirt with Cristina, Cristi's momma (3rd cousin?)

The Hoots' Sisters (Grandma's sisters)

Phil's parents - Dot and Elmer with Aunt Eileen and Cristi
(great, great-aunt and uncle and great-aunt???)

Hanging out with Grandpa