Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Riley's 2nd Birthday

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas. The theme for his 2nd birthday went off a HUGE success. Brian took on the feat of making him a train table and we got a bunch of new Thomas the Train tracks, trains, puzzles, bath toys, etc. etc. etc. I am going to bleed blue here pretty soon. I thought that Riley would be too young for the train table, but everytime he went down for a nap or bedtime he would ask me about choo-choo, and go running to the table to play when he woke up.

Laura, Baba (my Dad), Grandma and Shaelyn all came into town to celebrate his birthday. Baba and Laura hadn't seen him since November so it was nice to have us all together. I also learned for maybe the 10th time to NOT wake up Riley from a nap. You would think I would have learned this by now, but each time I say, maybe this time he won't be cranky.....WRONG. Oh well, he still had fun, just not without some mini-tantrums. Sorry Riley, that was my fault.

North Carolina Beach Trip - June

Riley and I got to go visit Grandma and Papa in Raleigh before I started my new job. Grandma was nice enough to take me (well more for Riley) to the beach for the weekend while we were there. I am a beach person for sure, while Brian is the mountain person. Riley which parent will you vacation with when you are older?

Riley LOVED the ocean. He pretty much loves water in general. We got him one of those swimsuits where he can float in the water and he has learned to jump off the edge and diving boards by himself now. Meanwhile his head isn't getting far enough away from the edge/board to ensure me that we won't be visiting the ER soon.