Monday, April 12, 2010

Emily and Presley's Visit

Emily and Presley came to visit over the weekend. The last time Emily and I saw each other was at our high school reunion with no children. Ah, how life has changed. What did we do? Why entertain our children of course. Now hanging out consists of moms planning their day for babies and nap times. We did get afternoon hang out sessions while the kiddos slept and luckily both of them went to bed early. It was great to hang out and Presley and Riley had a lot of fun together.

Contemplating their great escape

Trying to calm Riley down since he has an aversion to the stroller. Presley was always the lady and offered Riley her hand any time he freaked out in the car, which was often.

Enjoying some tapas together in their mouths and on the floor

Posing at a scenic spot before one of the moms (maybe me) freaks out when she thought her baby was going to fall off the rock

What a great weekend, we miss our buddies already!

The All-Mighty Harvey!

My friend Sara Harvey designed a t-shirt for the All-Mighty clothing line. It was so popular that it was also on a new Paramore video:

Well, Riley and I just HAD to have our own of course.

Team Harvey!