Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in DC

We got to spend Thanksgiving in Washington, D.C. in 2011. Some relaxation in a hotel, no worries about cooking or cleaning, I say an annual event please! We did the typical tourist attractions and the kids were great and didn't mind all the walking. We started at the Lincoln Memorial and trekked to almost everything in the area - the White House, Jefferson Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial and MLK Jr Memorial. We even tried Texas BBQ in DC, not bad east coast, not bad. I did, however, learn that pecan pie is NOT pecan pie where we ate for Thanksgiving. If there isn't a thick layer of goo goodness, then it's just a pecan tart, blah.

Riley, Grandma, and Shaelyn

Brian, Shaelyn, Me, Riley and Abe the Vampire Hunter

Thanksgiving Dinner

Why won't you pose Riley?

Milk in the ear please

Washington Memorial - anyone see that crack?

Sun in the eyes

Almost at the Jefferson Memorial.....not really

Big Boy Jefferson

Roosevelt and his little dog too

Newly opened MLK Jr Memorial

My poor attempt at planking outside the National Aquarium

Mount Vernon

Making sure the grass is up to par